Digital Technologies

Digital Technologies

ICT skills are becoming increasingly significant for young people to access resources and opportunities in the 21st century. Berendale School provides an environment, where students can learn to

  • Use ICT for learning.
  • Use ICT for pathway planning and employment.
  • Use ICT for active participation in the community.
  • Use ICT to access resources and opportunities independently.
  • Immerse in emerging and advancing technologies.
  • Use ICT responsibly.

The Digital Technologies in the Victorian Curriculum and VCAL offer teaching and learning programs for all students to develop ICT knowledge and skills. Housed in the Tech Suite within the School Library, students access digital tools and resources to enrich their practical application of ICT skills and critical thinking and creativity.   Students develop design thinking skills and collaborate with other students across year levels in maker spaces and experiment with robotics, 3D printing, photomedia and circuits to inquire and respond to real-world challenges.

Further to this, students have access to the BYOD program, Compass and a wide range of software applications to support their learning across curriculums. Opportunities including the afterschool program: Tech Club, are offered for students to participate in community and extracurricular programs to deepen their learning and interests in ICT.   

As an eSmart School, we promote and educate our school community to be safe, smart, responsible and ethical users of technology while embracing its uses. Students learn about cyber safety and how to take care of devices and use them for their intended purposes.