Art at Berendale School


With 98% of Australians engaged with the arts, Art is woven into the fabric of society – it is integral to the sense of identity and belonging for many young people. Study in Art gives young people access to find personal fulfilment in the artistic experience and to become creative participants and contributors of the visual culture.

At Berendale School, students study Art as both artists and audiences. The curriculum adopts a strength based model, which students are encouraged to take pride in and integrate their strengths and interests as a positive part of their enjoyment and learning in Art. 

In Year 7-10, students experiment with a broad range of traditional and contemporary materials and techniques and generate ideas inspired by local and international artists and designers. 

In VCAL, Years 11 and 12 students create artworks for their school and local communities.

Also, Years 11 and 12 students can elect to complete Art Industry Elective subject to develop their artistic voice and a portfolio for a pathway in the creative industries. 


Across the year levels, students have access to an Art Room equiped with quality and accessible art materials and facilities including sewing machines, pottery wheel and a kiln.

Enrichment and Exhibitions


Berendale School takes pride in celebrating student learning and achievements in Art. Every year, students prepare and exhibit their artworks in the school's Annual Art Show. Families and friends are invited to see their artworks. 

Also, students have oppportunities to display and present their artworks in a wide range of exhibitions and galleries in their local community. Students have exhibited their artworks at Kingston Arts Centre, Bayside City Council, Royal Melbourne Show, OzKids Art Program and Brunswick Street Gallery.

Our students have won awards for their artworks at the Royal Melbourne Show and in the Artz Blitz competition at Kingston Arts. 


Excellence in Art Education

Berendale School is commited to inclusive art education and advancing opportunities for young people with a disability to access and succeed in the arts. 

We connect with many learning communities and arts organisations to develop high-quality art education programs and to enrich our students' artistic experiences. These opportunties include artist in residence programs, artist workshops, gallery visits, display of artworks in public spaces and invitation to attend exhibition openings. 

We thank our partners, Arts Access Victoria, Kingston Arts, Bayside City Council Youth Services and Brighton Grammar School for their ongoing collaboration.